petrol pump

Petrol savings

Petrol is as expensive as ever. Here are tips to cut down travel costs.
dog and cat

Eco pets

Pets are great for your wellbeing, but what about the planet?

Eco-painting tips

How to paint in the most environmentally responsible way.

Unanswerd Questions

Is Brumby solar plan going to be enough?



Japan likely to whale again

Japan's whaling will continue if new proposal gets international approval
Grey-headed flying foxes

Shooting of vulnerable flying foxes still legal

Grey-headed flying foxes could face extinction if shooting continues.

Instant Expert

carbon sequestration

Carbon Sequestration

What is carbon sequestration and is it the answer to global warming?
Cold Fusion

Instant expert: Cold fusion

The future of energy or absurd science fiction?
Fairtrade Certified quinoa producers in Ecuador

Fair Trade

Fair trade is quite the buzz word these days, but what exactly is it?

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Ask G


Ask G: White roofs

Should we paint our roofs white on top?
Green bike

Ask G: Bikes with batteries

Are battery-powered bikes environmental?

Ask G: uPVC frames

Are uPVC window frames really better than wood?



Eco-omegas for you

The conundrum of getting ethical omega-3's in your diet is easily solved.

Bed and Broccoli

World Vegan Day is on Sunday, when this vegan cookbook will be launched!

Local vintage beer

Looking to go for a locally-made, locally-grown, traditional-style beer?