Ask us: Kit homes

Tanya Ha talks about if kit home companies can be eco-aware.

Mainstream green

Why we need to green up the entire market instead of buying eco-products.

Joy of living green

Editor Caitlin Howlett reflects on the perks of living a green lifestyle.
Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

Get smart with our essential guide to detoxing your bedroom.


Pee-power' to light camps in disaster zones

Pee-power technology will light cubicles in refugee camps.

Wildlife cybercrime worth millions

More than 33,000 endangered species are currently listed for sale online.

Instant Expert

Plastic bag

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Sorting the truth from the trash.
Wind farms

Green power

Become an instant expert with this guide to green power.
Australian 10 cent coin

Container Deposit Legislation

Do ten cent refunds make much sense?

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Ask G

bottled water

Ask G: Bagging plastic

Does plastic contain harmful chemicals?
Shredded, used paper ready for recycling

Ask G: How many times can paper be recycled?

The quality of paper fibre is reduced after use and recycling.
Stack of bleached paper

Ask G: Chemicals in recycled paper

Are recycled paper manufacturers using harmful chemicals?



Soundtrack to Serenity

There's no need to turn off the Enya – meditation music is good for you!

Quick healthy brekkie

Don't give up taste or health for the convenience of a bowl of cereal.
Arnold Swarznegger

Are you living dangerously?

The world's best storytellers tell the most important story on Earth.