The parched Murray-Darling Basin

Murray-Darling Basin

What's wrong with Australia's vital food bowl, the Murray-Darling Basin?
Mary Byrd

Car Free Californian

A woman inspiring car-loving Californians to leave their wheels at home.
Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin

The whale shepherd

Captain Paul Watson is taking the only anti-whaling crew out this season.
Bright ideas for energy

Possible power

What are the some good, clean energy ideas?


World's first erasable printer

World's first erasable toner printer

A new printer by Toshiba can allow paper to be reused up to five times.
Olivia Newton-John

Green Lifestyle Awards – Olivia Newton-John in the Hall of Fame

The Green Lifestyle Awards recognises leaders such as Olivia Newton-John.

Instant Expert


What is E-waste, how big a problem is it, and what can you do about it?
Cold Fusion

Instant expert: Cold fusion

The future of energy or absurd science fiction?
Chinchilla gasfields

Instant Expert: Fracking

Fracking has become an explosive topic. What is it & why the controversy?

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Ask G

Pile of Australian $50 notes

Ask G: Running costs of air conditioning

What impact will different air conditioning solutions have on the wallet?

Ask G: Can I recycle my asthma puffer?

Can I recycle my asthma puffer?
Air conditioner

Ask G: Air conditioner maintenance

Properly maintained air conditioners last longer and use less power.


Water Stone review

Water from a stone

A novel way to keep your plants alive while you're away for a few days.
Marley headphones

We’re jammin’

The House of Marley music accessories jam sustainability into their ethos
pics peanut butter

Really good peanut butter

Pics "Really Good Peanut Butter" actually tastes like real peanuts.