solar cells

Photovoltaic cells

What is a photovoltaic cell and how does it fit in with solar energy?
Solar hot water

How to: solar heat

The power of the sun can heat your home's water (climate) guilt-free
The parched Murray-Darling Basin

Murray-Darling Basin

What's wrong with Australia's vital food bowl, the Murray-Darling Basin?

Hot water guide

Heating water takes a lot of energy. Here's a guide to the best options.



Top 10 eco blows from Abbott’s first year

Find out Tony's biggest hits to the environment, & why we prefer kittens.

Call to ban microbeads

The NSW Environment Minister has called for a national ban on microbeads.

Instant Expert


Instant Expert: Ocean acidification

A wave of devastation for marine life.
Garden hose


We hear of it enough, but what is greywater, and how do you use it?
carbon sequestration

Carbon Sequestration

What is carbon sequestration and is it the answer to global warming?

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Ask G


Ask G: What's the deal with sodium lauryl ether sulfate?

Is SLES as bad as SLS? Is it natural?
Man with tissue

Ask G: Air conditioners and air quality

Do air conditioners remove impurities from the air?
Window looking out to garden path

Ask G: Effects of double-glazing

Can double-glazed windows impede other passive heating options?


Sunscreen with a bright side

Sunscreen with a bright side

This new, all-natural sunscreen from Natural Instinct is an eco-hero.

Luxurious locks

Sustainable and natural hair care that'll add luxury to your routine.
A Gourmet Farming Adventure

Gourmet gets dirty

Former big-city chef & food critic Matthew Evans swaps laptop for shovel.