Green cleaning tools

When waging war on dirt, be armed with the right green weapons.

Taking charge

They may seem small, but churning through batteries adds to toxic waste.
Lots of blue downlights

Ask G: Downlight power

A single downlight doesn't provide much light.

Eco-painting tips

How to paint in the most environmentally responsible way.


How I cured my dog's allergies

Four tips from a vet that cured his own dog Macy’s allergies.

No plastic a challenge

Plastic Free July hasn't been easy, but it has created habitual changes.
Plastic Free July

Doing Plastic Free July

Our editor, Caitlin Howlett, takes on a big challenge – Plastic Free July



    No compromises

    An inspiring memoir and insight into the mind of an eco-entrepreneur.

    Build fast – and green

    The Quickshack showcases all the eco and price benefits of modular homes.

    Fish & food

    A mini-aquaponics system that hosts your indoor plants and fish together.

    How To...

    garage clean-up

    Give garage nasties the boot

    How to rid your garage of toxins

    How to be Water Wise at Home

    Here are simple, cost-effective tips for saving water around your home.

    DIY herb wreath

    Make your home smell like fresh herbs with truly seasonal holiday decor.

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    Ask G

    Air conditioner

    Ask G: Inverter technology in air conditioners

    Fancy advertising lingo or something more?

    Ask G: uPVC frames

    Are uPVC window frames really better than wood?

    Ask G: What house paints are safe to use?

    We have to paint sometime, so how do we add a coat that won't harm our he