Light bulb with warm glow

Ask G: Warm halogens

"New halogen energy savers" use less energy than incandescents.

Ask G: Decorative CFLs

A pretty green alternative for chandelier light bulbs.

Green on a budget

There are plenty of ways to go green without going into the red.
Fake christmas tree

Real VS Fake Trees

Is a real or fake Christmas tree better for our Earth?



Family chooks

Erin Johnson reminisces about her family chickens in this touching story.

New Year resolutions

Lesley Lopes tells us about the January/February issue of the magazine.

Festive DIY gifts & decorations

Aussies waste $1bn yearly on unwanted gifts. Here are 3 ways to save.


    Water Stone review

    Water from a stone

    A novel way to keep your plants alive while you're away for a few days.

    Healthy Home App.

    A comprehensive list of lurking potential household dangers.

    The energy monitor

    A handheld device that can reduce the drain of mysterious energy bills.

    How To...

    Small house made of grass

    Cheaper loans for green homes

    Mortgages on green homes can be significantly cheaper.

    How to: keep your home tidy

    A spring clean is imminent so make it less daunting with these daily tips
    bowl cover 3

    How to make reusable bowl covers

    Washable food covers that will keep food fresh time and time again.

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    Ask G

    What do we do with plastic bags so they don't fly away?

    Ask G: What to do with plastic bags

    What can we do with the plastic bags floating around our house?
    Man with tissue

    Ask G: Air conditioners and air quality

    Do air conditioners remove impurities from the air?

    Ask G: Greywater-safe stain removers

    What stain removers are greywater safe?