Eco-painting tips

How to paint in the most environmentally responsible way.
Rainwater tank

Getting Tanked

Rainwater is an untapped resource, so beat the drought with this raintank

Green Cleaning

Fed up with cleaners that strip back more than the grease? Try these eco
Wind farms

Green Power

Become an instant expert with this guide to green power.



Yes, aerosol’s can be recycled!

Venting frustration at the fact Aussies only recycle 40% of aerosol cans.

Tips for your haven

Over the next month, we'll give the best advice in home, garden, & style!

Multi-generational living

The sustainability, social and cost benefits of multi-generational homes.


    Dig Deeper

    Digging deeper

    Here it is – your complete seasonal guide for sustainable Aussie gardens!
    Janella's Super Natural Foods

    Janella's recipes for wellbeing

    Janella's a daily guide for creating healthy meals for your wellbeing.

    Bed and Broccoli

    World Vegan Day is on Sunday, when this vegan cookbook will be launched!

    How To...


    How to 'green' your backyard pool

    Pools are a water luxury, so how can you reduce their impact on the envir
    Dripping tap

    How to: fix a dripping tap

    A dripping tap can waste 18,000 L of water a year! But fixing it is easy.

    The Truth About Palm Oil

    Before you give palm oil a big 'face palm', find out if it can be green.

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    Ask G

    Halogen globe

    Ask G: 'High intensity' halogen lights

    An infrared coating enables 'high intensity' halogens to use less power.
    Light bulb with warm glow

    Ask G: Halogen energy savers

    "New halogen energy savers" use less energy than incandescents.

    Ask us: Getting rid of junk e-mail

    Tanya Ha answers your questions about the best ways to avoid your email i