Air conditioner

Ask G: Clean air

Properly maintained air conditioners last longer and use less power.
Rainwater tank

Getting Tanked

Rainwater is an untapped resource, so beat the drought with this raintank
Small house made of grass

Green home loans

Mortgages on green homes can be significantly cheaper.
Odourless Composting

Bokashi Bins

Our intrepid writer puts odourless indoor composting to the test.



Multi-generational living

The sustainability, social and cost benefits of multi-generational homes.
Pile of shame

Plastic-free's a wrap

Tips to help the Plastic Free July challenge create long-lasting change.

How I cured my dog's allergies

Four tips from a vet that cured his own dog Macy’s allergies.


    A Gourmet Farming Adventure

    Gourmet gets dirty

    Former big-city chef & food critic Matthew Evans swaps laptop for shovel.
    SLINKII One With Nature yoga mat

    The best yoga mat

    We've finally found a mat with form, function, style, and sustainability!

    Become a Beevangelist

    A beautiful new book to inspire you to take up the art of beekeeping.

    How To...

    Keep warm this winter

    Save up to 70 per cent on winter heating costs before you use the heater.
    Taking cuttings

    Propagating 101

    With a little patience, you can fill your entire garden with free plants!

    How to 'green' your backyard pool

    Pools are a water luxury, so how can you reduce their impact on the envir

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    Ask G

    Halogen downlight

    Ask G: The difference between room and task lighting

    Choose the right type of lighting for your needs.
    broken light bulb

    Ask G: What's the best way to dispose of light bulbs?

    Incandescent bulbs are being phased out, so what do you do with them?
    Washing detergent

    Ask G: Washing detergents

    What eco-friendly detergents are safe for my baby?