dog and cat

Eco pets

Pets are great for your wellbeing, but what about the planet?
trees logged

Virgin VS Recycled

Is 100 per cent recycled or sustainably sourced virgin paper best?
power cooking

Save kitchen power

Be a good eco-chef with these energy saving tips for the kitchen.

How is latex made?

Take a look into the fascinating way that natural latex is made.


Lauren Singer

I haven't made any trash in 2 years

One blogger's commitment to zero waste sustainable living.

Yes, aerosol’s can be recycled!

Venting frustration at the fact Aussies only recycle 40% of aerosol cans.

Tips for your haven

Over the next month, we'll give the best advice in home, garden, & style!


    Six ways to add style and save power - use louvres in your home.

    Six ways to use Louvres in your home.

    Organic cotton basics with Bhumi

    High quality and completely gorgeous organic cotton products.

    Greening and weatherproofing your garage

    How to make this space more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

    How To...


    DIY herb wreath

    Make your home smell like fresh herbs with truly seasonal holiday decor.

    3 ways to: Reduce your heater's running costs

    How to save money & stay warm this winter by using your heater properly.
    top recycler

    Five ways to be a top recycler

    Our top five tips for recycling that you might not have thought of before

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    Ask G

    Flicking light switch

    Ask G: Turning lights on and off

    Does turning a light on and off use more energy than just leaving it on?

    Ask us: Anti-bacterial products

    Tanya Ha gives some topical advice given that it’s peak cold & flu season

    Ask us: Solar health & safety

    Tanya Ha answers your questions on the safety of solar power.