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Discover how to use paint to reduce your energy bills, make solar power affordable for your home, and learn new recipes to preserve summer produce in jars. Plus, read how to reduce your pet's eco-footprint, and see our special feature about palm oil.

Better paints: healthier than ever

Breathe easy, because now there are eco-friendly, non-toxic paints that are completely safe, and work beautifully almost anywhere in your home.

What's the deal with palm oil?

Palm oil is in around half of the products on our supermarket shelves, yet it is directly linked to the rapid and illegal destruction of rainforest at the fastest rate ever seen on the planet. Luckily, you can have a positive impact by making informed choices.

Renting solar

Learn how solar power is now more affordable thanks to new plans that allow you to lease solar panels in a similar way to your mobile phone plan.

How Aussie bees are helping the world

Australia is the only country in the world that is free from the varroa destructor mite. While honeybees are still at threat in Australia, scientists and apiarists are busy at work sending our healthy bees overseas to boost the strength of bees worldwide.

How to reduce your pet's paw-print

With our noses to the ground, the Green Lifestyle team explain how to reduce the impact of our beloved pets in a few simple steps.

Detox your home

Knowing how toxins get into your home in the first place is the key to a healthier home. We take a look at four common nasty chemicals in your home – formaldehyde, Bisphenol-A (or BPA), lead and phthalates.

Divesting money

Did you know that the rewards from ethical funds are outperforming mainstream ones incrementally every year? There are simple, stress-free ways to make the right choices to combine your money with your morals.

Generation green

We profile three dedicated young eco-warriors; local food advocate Alecia Wood, Indigenous youth leader Jarmarley Willett and renewable energy campaigner Kelly Mackenzie.

Solar-powered education

Hear how an Australian charity was inspired to provide solar power to disadvantaged schools in Fiji.

Green beans

Find out what coffee is the best for you – one that’s grown with as little impact as possible, is fairly traded, packaged in the best way, and of course, tastes great!

3 ways with miso

Delicious, salty, nutritious; here's some ingenious ways that you've never thought of to cook miso.

Ethical adornments

How jewellers are using their skills for good – such as by transforming paper into beads in Africa, or using scrap metals from unexploded bombs into unique pieces to help Laotian communities.

Free tear-out poster

How lemons can be useful all around the home.

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