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Sophisticated salvage

# 5 is alive, again...

Haasch PCB hanging lamp

Product details

Product name: Haasch PCB hanging lamp

Reviewer: Karen Heinrich

Price: $180

Buy Online:

G Rating:


Disciples of the M.A.D (Make A Difference) ethic of creating a sustainable future through sustainable design, Brisbane-based husband and wife Jan and Alison Schutt have created these futuristic Haasch PCB lamps for hanging and table lamps, from salvaged computer circuit boards.

In their own words, they "have designed innovative lamps by re-using faulty printed circuit boards, rendering the throwaway into a sophisticated light source".

The M.A.D sustainable art and design centre in Sydney's Newtown is the brainchild of Reverse Garbage, a not-for-profit cooperative that has been operating for more than 31 years in the nearby suburb of Marrickville.

Reverse Garbage collects 8000 m2 of reusable materials each year from businesses in Sydney, the Central Coast and the Illawarra, which is then sorted and made available to creative people for re-use.

Visit to get in touch with the Schutts directly or browse and buy from the selection on display at the M.A.D gallery.

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