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Ask G: Paper labelling

What logos can you trust?

I've seen various logos on reams of copy paper. Which ones are the good ones?

Joseph, Tas

FSC logo

Look for certification from independent third parties, like the Forest Stewardship Council, whose logo appears above.

Credit: Forest Stewardship Council

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As a rule of thumb, look for the logos of independent third party certifiers.

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are both independent environmental certification organisations operating in Australia.

There are also programs similar to GECA overseas, such as Green Seal (USA), EcoLogo (Canada), Nordic Swan (Scandinavia) and Blue Angel (Germany). Products certified by these programs may be sold in Australia.

Take private eco-labels or logos (those owned by a brand and/or not open to use by their competitors) with a grain of salt and always seek further information.

A logo with a leaf or a happy-looking tree is meaningless without clarification of how exactly a product is a better environmental choice.