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Ask G: Air conditioner maintenance

A dusty dilemma

New air conditioners were recently installed in our office on a construction site. With the way things go, I doubt any regular maintenance will be organised, which seems more important with the dust on site. Would maintenance actually make any difference?

Robert, Qld

Air conditioner

Keep it clean: Maintain your air conditioning unit or system to ensure optimal performance and air quality.

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Yes, maintaining the system will make it both last longer and use less electricity.

But it's the occupational health and safety issues, not just the eco-issues that have my alarm bells ringing.

There are air quality standards for ventilation and air conditioning in offices (Australian Standard 1668.2).

Employers are obliged to look after working conditions for workers, and office air quality (both temperature and the removal of contaminants, such as dust and Legionella bacteria) is an important part of this.

Regular maintenance should be organised. It's also worth checking that the air conditioner chosen is suitable for use in the conditions of a construction site.