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Ask G: How Do You Fill in a Swimming Pool?

Water is a precious commodity, and one way to make sure it's not wasted is to get rid of your backyard pool

How do you go about replacing a pool? We've decided that water is too precious. Can you give us some ideas or leads to anyone who is experienced doing pool removals?

Backyard pool

Credit: Wikimedia/Vic Brincat

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It’s a good idea to start with a call to your local council.

Some councils have strict requirements for the removal of pools and spas. One council that has special forms that need to be filled in.

They may also be able to recommend contractors.

In the simplest of terms, it’s a matter of breaking up the concrete (or fibreglass) and filling in the hole.

Some councils might allow you to remove the top metre of concrete or so and leave the base where it is, but this can raise issues later with resale of the property.

This is not an exercise to be undertaken lightly. As with all demolition work, care must be taken to ensure that underground pipes and nearby buildings aren’t damaged.

Once the site is filled, it will affect drainage on the property and the fill is likely to settle over the next year or so.

Finding a contractor is the hardest part, so be prepared to make a few phone calls.

Some builders, home demolition contractors and landscaping contractors offer pool removal services. Call a few and ask if they have experience with pool removal and if they can show you photographs of previous work or provide references.

Take care removing fencing, filter units, pool covers and other peripherals as you might be able to sell some of these on eBay and get a little money back.