e-Waste recycling in Willoughby

If electronic waste makes its way to landfill, recyclable metals can leach into soil and groundwater and contaminate the environment for centuries.

Willoughby City Council

2 – 3 October

This Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 3pm, Willoughby City Council and Lane Cove Council residents can bring their e-Waste for recycling. Items accepted include monitors, keyboards, computer cables, laptops, notebooks, modems, scanners, printers, televisions, video players, DVD players and stereo systems. Residents are asked to drop off e-waste loosely or in a cardboard box without any plastic packaging or Styrofoam.
Computer e-waste collected at the event will be transported to the PGM Refiners recycling facility in Minto. PGM Refiners are able to recycle more than 95 per cent of computer waste. They pull each computer apart and sort out the parts into groups of materials such as plastics, metals and glass.
If your electronics are in good working order, you may prefer to take your treasure to Second Hand Saturday.

Where: Bicentennial Reserve lower car park, Small Street, Willoughby (behind the Willoughby Leisure Centre).
Cost: Free
Call (02) 9777 1000, or click here for more info.