The Watershed’s Cloth Nappy Resource Open Day

An opportunity to see, touch and compare the different types of cloth nappies available.

the watershed

12pm - 4pm, Saturday 29 January, 2011

Modern cloth nappies are currently experiencing a revival. Compared with disposable nappies, modern cloth varieties can save parents money. The fabrics used are highly absorbent and breathable so they do not require soaking, folding or the use of pins. Modern cloth nappies can also reduce a family’s carbon footprint.

The Watershed’s Cloth Nappy Resource Open Day will offer tips for choosing from the hundreds of different fabrics, shapes and sizes available. There is also the opportunity to ask questions of cloth nappy expert, Karyn Robinson.

Where: The Watershed, 218 King Street, Newtown, NSW.
Cost: Free.
For enquiries please call The Watershed on (02) 9519 6366.