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Ask G: Where do you get 'no junk mail' stickers?

"No junk mail' stickers are one of the best ways to reduce the amount of unwanted mail, but where do you get them?

I deliver junk mail for exercise and I would like to distribute 'no junk mail' stickers with my deliveries, as people have asked for this. Where do I get these stickers?

-- Eedra, NSW


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They may not totally stop all the unwanted advertising material, but 'no junk mail' stickers should, at the very least, cut down the amount of material you need to recycle.

The Distribution Standards Board regulates the Australian Catalogue Association, which prints the majority of advertising mail.

However, this excludes newspapers and political mail.

If the sticker is ignored, you can submit a complaint via email to:, or on this hotline: 1800 676 136.

If you send them a stamped, self-addressed envelope, they'll send you back a 'no advertising material' sticker, free of charge. if you live in an apartment block, they might even send you a few, for unoccupied units.

You can also add your address to a 'do not mail service', which is similar to the 'do not call' list. But this is a voluntary association so it won't necessarily eliminate the excess mail.

Other than that, you can head down to your local hardware store and buy one.