Green Renters Workshops

Green Renters Workshops

Green Renters Workshops

Green Renters have been running workshops for several years around the country in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart. They are friendly and accessible and can easily be presented in English or alongside an interpreter. Workshops are offered for free, although donations are appreciated. Workshops include:

Living sustainably in rental accommodation

A room by room tour through the average rental property looking at simple time and cost effective ideas that will help make your property more energy efficient, sustainable and save you money. We also look at general changes, ideas and advice for greening your lifestyle.

Sustainable living in an apartment

Apartment living can pose particular challenges to renters. This workshop looks specifically at strategies to enhance sustainable living in an apartment, including indoor and balcony gardening, dealing with bureaucracy and reviews of new products targeting apartment dwellers.

DIY natural cleaning

This workshop takes a look at natural products and methods that keep a house clean and fresh without the toxic side effects experienced with some commercial products. These methods will also save you money. Particular emphasis is placed on DIY products and workshop participants are given the chance to make some cleaning products, recipes and a goody bag of products to take home.

Energy Saving

This workshop looks at the ways renters can save energy and reduce their utility bills. Participants learn how to read utility bills, find out which appliances are the biggest energy suckers, how to make their appliances work more efficiently and how to resolve issues with energy providers. Participants can expect an energy reduction of up to 30% from averages. This workshop can be offered as a one-off or as a ‘before’ and ‘after’ two part workshop where we provide a follow up three months later to look at how their energy saving has gone.

Eco-crafting 101

This workshop teaches уου how уου can creatе useful and creative household items and gifts using materials, whісh wουld otherwise еnd up іn landfill. All materials and instructions supplied.

Workshops typically involve:
* A powerpoint presentation
* Hand out information (limited where participants have good internet access to save paper)
* Plenty of opportunities for questions and answers
* A door prize
* Bulk purchase discounts of sustainability products available.

Where: Various locations.
Cost: Free!
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