Australia's Vanishing Frogs

Australia's Vanishing Frogs - Earthwatch Instutute


4–10 November, 2013 & 6–12 January, 2014
In the past 20 years 9 species of Australian frogs have become extinct, 15 have declining populations and 27 species are listed as threatened.

The Earthwatch Institute are calling for citizen scientists to join them on a week long expedition to support threatened frog populations.

The expedition will allow 12 Australians the rare chance to experience the world heritage area and 'Gondwana rainforest': Watagan National Park in Northern NSW, while being part of a team that helps to understand and prevent the decline in rainforest stream frogs.

Where: Watagan National Park, NSW.
When: 4–10 November, 2013 or 6–12 January 2014
Cost: $2,395 (includes all food, accommodation, transport between various sites, and most importantly a contribution towards this important research.)
Click here for more information or call Earthwatch on 03 9016 7590.