Advertising code of conduct

Not everyone may advertise or be featured in Green Lifestyle. As Australia's leading green media title since 2007, we feel it is important to make a stand against 'greenwashing'. While we're not an accrediting body, we make an effort to check the credentials and claims of companies seeking to advertise with Green Lifestyle. We look at each case individually and make a judgement according to the best available evidence and our own standards. We support and encourage companies that are moving genuinely towards environmental sustainability.

Green Lifestyle is published by Australian publisher, nextmedia Pty Ltd, and the printed magazine is carbon offset and produced on 100 per cent recycled paper. We think measuring your footprint is the first step in reducing your impact. We appreciate the challenges faced by companies moving on the road to sustainability, having faced them ourselves, and believe that the best way to do this is to be honest and transparent with your customers, taking them on the journey with you, as we have with our readers.

We are always happy to discuss individual cases with potential advertisers and to provide advice if required, and we welcome feedback from readers on any advertiser's inclusion.