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Are you one of Generation Y's bright young things? We've caught word of a great opportunity for Australian university students, aged between 18 and 24, who are keen to put their smarts and passion for the environment to good use.

It's the bi-annual Eco-Minds program, run by Bayer and the United Nations Environmental Program, and it's all about charging up interest in sustainability (plus the opportunity to get your hands on an awesome prize experience!).

This year's program is centred around the topic of "Sustainable Energy Systems: Challenges and Opportunities". So if you've got an idea or solution regarding sustainable energy that you're itching to share with the world, don't hold back!

The deadline for entries is fast approaching - the 28th of March - so hop to www.eco-minds.bayer.com quick-smart (or call the Australian Eco-Minds Co-ordinator on 02 4736 0892) for more information and to register your brilliant ideas.

"What's the prize?" we hear you ask? Well, the lucky winners get an all expenses paid trip to New Zealand to represent Australia at the week-long 2009 Eco-Minds Forum in Auckland.

Here the winners will get to present their ideas and participate in group workshops and cross-cultural activities, while their minds soak up all that fresh, green, eco-knowledge floating around.

It's a fantastic experience for learning, for making friends and for building a future career path, and is, of course, pretty great for the planet too, being geared towards tackling real-life sustainable development issues.

So what are you waiting for? If the G team were back at uni you know we'd be hopping to it, so get out there, do some good and make us proud! (And let us know how you go...)