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Green challenges

Thinking global and acting local, Julie Grundy takes on any challenge we throw at her.

Last drop, and a new challenge

Coffee cup

Credit: Wikimedia/Lotus Head

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Well, this is the end of the takeaway coffee cup challenge. How did you go?

I think I did pretty well - only one disposable coffee cup used over the whole month. Not a perfect record, but a 95% decrease in wasted cups is pretty good I reckon.

That's a lot of water, energy and paper saved from being thrown away.

The challenge had other side benefits for me as well. Firstly, I managed to save a bit of money by bringing my own coffee in to work for some days of the week. Secondly, I had more than a few friendly chats with people about their coffee-drinking habits, and got to know them a little better because of it.

I'll be keeping up my new habit - it seems silly to go back to using takeaway cups when I've gotten into the habit of bringing my own mug everywhere now!

I'm looking forward to the next challenge that G Magazine throws at me. I hope you'll join me, and other people all around Australia, in trying to green our lives one day at a time.