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Green challenges

Thinking global and acting local, Julie Grundy takes on any challenge we throw at her.

How to save money while saving the planet

Purse with money in it

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I've got the super-secret method that will help you save money and go green at the same time! It's worked for me and I bet it'll work for you too. You'll be surprised how easy it is...

It's simple: do the G Magazine challenges each month. Every single one we've tried has led to me saving money, as well as doing my bit to save the environment.

Switching to a reuseable bottle instead of buying bottled water: saves me $3 bucks every time I'm thirsty. Even if you buy a reuseable bottle, it should only take a few weeks to save the money you spent on it.
Making my own coffee at work instead of buying takeaway: saved me $15 - $20 each week.
Choosing nude food: led to me buying food in bulk so there was less packaging, which is cheaper than buying single-serves of everything. It cut maybe $10-$15 off my weekly grocery bill.
Going vegetarian: a bag of carrots is never going to cost as much as a steak. Buying less meat saved me at least $20 a week on groceries.
Switching off at the wall: didn't just save the world from pollution via wasteful coal-fired electricity, it saved me money on my power bills, about $50 a year.
Public transport (or cycling for people fitter than I am): ditching the car will definitely cut back on your petrol budget! It's hard to put a number on this one, because the price of petrol keeps changing, but maybe $10 a week if you switch to public transport, or more if you've already got a bike you can use.
Reducing food waste: by making sure you store and eat your leftovers properly, you're reducing the amount you'll spend on groceries (or takeaway). I cut my spending by about $10 a week this way.

Seriously, if you know anyone who's struggling a bit to pay the bills, why not suggest some eco-friendly actions to them? Even if they'd never consider themselves greenies, they might come around after you've saved them $60 a week. You could just casually mention "Oh, by the way, all those tips I gave you just happen to be good for the environment too, so you're helping more people than just your own family".