Landcare 20 years later

Landcare week 2009

James Reyne, G's editor Carolyn Barry, and Tracey Spicer stop for a quick photo and a tour of a regenerated area along Sydney Harbour. They were part of a group of kayaks who paddled from Lane Cove to Hunter's Hill for Landcare week.

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A video about the work by a local Landcare group in Boronia Park in Sydney.

Last week I had the privilege to join a group of kayakers on Sydney Harbour on a trip that was part of the annual Landcare week.

Landcare has been around for about 20 years now and has on the order of 4,000 groups across the country.

Most of these groups consist of about a dozen or so local residents who volunteer their time to clean up a bit of bush/body of water and help take it back to what it once was.

They do some amazing work.

On the day, the group (including musician and entertainer James Reyne and journalist Tracey Spicer) set off from Lane Cove and headed out into the harbour, finishing up at Hunter's Hill.

Along the way, we stopped off a couple of places to meet the local Landcare groups who have been working hard to regenerate particular areas.

Without volunteers like these, such projects would take a decade to complete, rather than a couple of years, if left to local councils. This is simply a product of having the people-power on the ground.

It was a great day for being reminded of just how impressive it is when people can come together to volunteer their time for a good cause.

If you're interested in getting a group started near you, you can download a copy of the starter kit here.

Below is an image of a regenerated area in Boronia Park (and a Landcare volunteer), which was not too long ago a barron wasteland from a stormwater drain pipe runoff. Now it's almost back to normal.

Landcare regeneration