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Ask for the online billing option

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Quite a lot of my bills came in this week. I checked the bills and their websites to see if any of these companies offered online billing, and came up with nothing.

So I've written quite a few emails to customer contact staff in the last few days. I think it's in their best interests to offer online billing as well. Obviously they use computer systems to produce the billing information for each person already. But if they let customers use online billing, they could reduce the time and money spent transferring that data to a printer, paying for the printing, the delivery to Australia Post and so on.

Given that so many businesses are doing it tough these days, I hope they're eager for the opportunity to cut costs in way that actually has positive benefits for everyone.

An example of the kind of thing I've been writing is:

Hi there,
Could you please let me know when you are planning to offer online billing to your customers? Many of my other bills allow me to receive notification by email rather than standard mail, and I find it more convenient that way. Other businesses who offer this service find that it reduces their expenses as well as their environmental impact.
Kind regards,
Julie G

It's not going to win any literary awards, but it gets the message across: online billing is good for the environment, reduces expenses for the business and is more convenient for customers. I'd love to see more companies introducing it as an option.

Have you had to ask your billers for this kind of service? How did it go? So far, I've only received one response - it was from my insurance provider, saying that they'd pass the request on to management. Which is a start, at least.