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Home, Garden and Planet

Rebecca Blackburn on the trials, and triumphs of being green around the home.

Is minimalism the answer to sustainability?


Credit: EveryStockPhoto/Joe Shlabotnik

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I have a dream - one day I will own only what I need.

Not a single unwanted book, jumper, or do-dah will reside in my home. It will be Spartan, calm and orderly. Everything will be easy to find.

There is something very admirable about minimalists. They travel lightly through life - it looks so serene.

But there is another reason to admire them - minimalists don't use their home to hoard the world's resources.

Like the tea cup I mentioned last week a lot of energy and resources went into making your spare jumper or book.

And then there is the environmental cost of the stuff taking up so much space. Most homes in Australia have a spare room - and what do we use them for? To store junk! No wonder our homes are now twice as big as they were in the 1970s!

This weekend I started my journey towards minimalism. I have been culling stuff – so far a pile of books and a few clothes have made their way to the Vinnies bin.

How much extra stuff do you have in your home?