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September G Challenge: living without disposable coffee cups

Say 'no' to disposable coffee cups

Say 'no' to disposable coffee cups

Credit: iSotckphoto

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Hi there - I'm Julie, and I'm living without take-away coffee cups for a month as part of the G Challenge. I'll be writing about how well I'm doing in the challenge, and would love to hear about any tips or suggestions you've got that might make it easier.

I work in an office, and like a lot of people, I start each workday with a cup of coffee. Our workplace is lucky enough to have two really nice coffee shops around the corner, and twice a week a coffee van visits for about 20 minutes. All of these use takeaway coffee cups. There are also two proper coffee machines in our office, and instant coffee available on every floor of the building - apparently we just can't do without our coffee!

Many people who work in office jobs end up with some kind of caffeine dependency - and when you think about it, that's a lot of takeaway cups being used once then thrown away every workday. If you get disposable cups for all of those, that's about 240 cups a year, or 20 a month, just being thrown away after being used once. If G Magazine readers across Australia switch to reusable mugs for a month, think of all the energy and paper we'll save.

I'd love to hear from fellow coffee addicts who are doing the challenge with me - how many takeaway cups do you go through a week? Do you think you can do without them for a month? Leave a comment and let me know!