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Living without take-away cups: Day 1

Morning coffee

Credit: Julie Grundy

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This week I started the G Challenge: this means I'm living without take-away coffee cups for a month. So far I've been doing ok, since I brought in a coffee mug from home a few weeks ago, along with a jar of organic, fair-trade instant coffee. This has stopped me from running down to the coffee-shop on the corner every time I decide I desperately need a fix cuppa.

Since bringing my mug in, I've been curious about what type of mugs other people use at work. Some people can't do without enormous mugs that look more like bowls - these people can usually be found at the cappuccino machines making their own personalised brew. Other people prefer mugs with funny sayings on them - not my style, but maybe the smile wakes them up just as much as the coffee does :) I've also seen giant shiny travel mugs, for people who like to drink on the move. My own mug is a pretty designer cup that I think looks beautiful and brightens up my desk.

Have you brought your own mug into work yet? What sort do you use - are you a 'bigger is better' person, or do you prefer style over capacity?