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Bottled water: the alternatives

Drinking fountain in Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide

Credit: Wikimedia/Peripitus

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So what are our options for replacing bottled water? A little while ago I bought myself a Sigg bottle - it's stainless steel, has a 10 year guarantee, and comes in all sorts of cool colours and patterns.

I use it at work, filling it up from the tap, instead of buying water from the vending machine. Since I like to drink at least 500 mL of water every afternoon, that's 5 disposable bottles saved every week (or 240 every year) just by bringing a reuseable one instead.

There are other similar brands that will do just as good a job: as long as you choose something durable, you're good to go.

However, my Sigg is a bit heavy for carting around on my morning jog. I'm usually dying of thirst by halfway through. Fortunately, my local park still has a bubbler. I remember drinking from these fountains all the time when I was a kid, but I don't see them around so much anymore.

Manly city council is bringing bubblers back into several public areas, as part of their plan to beat climate change and excess waste. If they can do it, I bet your local council can too.

Another reason people often buy bottled water is because they don't like the taste of tap water.

When I lived in a place that had water I didn't like, I found that just keeping a normal jug of water in the fridge changed the taste enough for me. But there's also filter jugs, or you can get a filter attached to your kitchen tap.

My home tap water tastes fine, but I much prefer the filtered tap water to the plain tap water in my office.

Those three things sort me out for home, work and when I'm exercising.

There's no one solution that will suit everyone - we've all got different needs and preferences. We're lucky there are a lot of alternatives to bottled water out there.

What's your favourite? Leave a comment and let me know!