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The office worms had renovations to their apartment block today. We have a can o' worms in an abandoned toilet on the fire escape (exactly why there would be toilets on a fire escape has always been a bit of a mystery. "Help! The building's on fire! Oooh might just stop for a pee.."). The dirty pigeons had made the toilet their own, but I swept it out and put in our can o' worms. For the past year or so our worms have been happily munching our lunch scraps and tea bags. But finally they had filled to capacity the penthouse level of their apartment block, so it was time for some renovation.

Ant, our IT dude, reportedly has a vegie garden from heaven and has 'bagsed' the worm poo. Worm poo makes great fertiliser, you see. So Ant and I squeezed into the pigeony dunny and pulled off the penthouse and mid-level of the worm complex, revealing the basement.

It was rich, black, fecund stuff. Stinky, but not offsensively so. Ant and I scooped the poo into tupperware containers (he forgot his bucket!) and Ant took them home a happy man. He caught the bus. I wonder what the other passengers thought.

I washed out the empty basement level and transferred it to the top. The mid-level became the basement, and the penthouse was demoted to mid-level.

And so the worms will finish off the food scraps in the basement and that will mature into lovely vegie fertiliser. In six months time, or so, we'll have a worm renovation again, moving the bottom to the top and shuffling the levels down.