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G received some coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday. Paul McIntyre gave the new Green Book - the directory of green businesses we produced with the Green Directory - a write up and took the opportunity to discuss greenwashing and the danger for businesses who stick their neck out with green claims.

Here's the article: Steps on the green scale

It's a good article. McIntyre has gone beyond the obvious promo of a new product and discussed the problems of environmental consumers in more depth.

Kylie, our CEO, alludes to the phenomenon that has been described as "green muting". It's when companies don't talk about their valid green credentials for fear of reprisals.

The environment movement can be a harsh place. And rightly so.

There are plenty of people trying to make out that they are all warm and fuzzy and saving the planet when they are doing nothing of the sort.

The V8 racing cars are a point in case. Since when is V8 racing green? Since they planted a bunch of trees and declared themselves carbon neutral.

The consumer watchdog, the ACCC has adjudged that in 80 years time, when the trees are fully grown, this year's racing might be considered carbon neutral. But until then, it's just a made-up claim.

But this kind of ACCC victory can potentially frighten other, more genuine companies into keeping schtum about their green qualities.

It's difficult terrain, to be sure. Is it better for companies to be out and proud about their environmental achievements - however small, or wait until they are sure they have got it right?
- Sara Phillips