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Isn't Eco-style an oxymoron?

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There’s something about the words "eco style" that seem oxymoronic.

Would you really wear an entire wardrobe made from hemp? And isn’t fashion all about obsolescence, the ultimate environmental sin?

But true, timeless chic – the kind Audrey Hepburn had – is something that comes from within. And so is living green.

Embracing the fabulousness of a wardrobe that’s kind to the planet – learning to love vintage rather than new, using organic and sustainably sourced fabrics and supporting retailers with a green conscience – is one
easy way to take baby steps towards a better environment.

OK, OK, so buying a lipstick in a biodegradable package or an organic cotton t-shirt won’t stop global warming today, but the more people changing the way they exercise their power as consumers could lead to bigger and more dramatic changes later on. Do you agree?

-- Alex Brooks