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Eco-worrier: it's only the beginning


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The food we eat, the home we live in and the way we run our lives are at the heart of our environmental footprint: the more efficiently it functions, the more it reflects the life you want to live and the happier you (and the Earth) can be.

Eco worrier is born from my obsessive worrying. About everything. Climate Change. Third World Poverty. And whether the stripes on those cushions are really working for my interior. (I am nothing if not deeply shallow.)
I’d like to begin this blog by sharing my top five worries of the day:

  1. Is my deoderant actually giving me cancer … or Alzheimers … or simply just staining my tank tops with chalky white residue?
  2. Why Howards Storage World is in every shopping mall I visit. Does this mean I am not the only person in the world that requires more storage?
  3. Surely Australians can think of a better word for bogans than "bogan". What ever happened to Bevan. Westie and a plain old vanilla insult such as "you suck"?
  4. Whether genetic testing is a good or bad thing – could it make humans that little bit more humble or would it be a disaster if you knew you were genetically pre-disposed to Alzheimers?
  5. If Apple are making their iPods greener, then how bad is the one I’m plugging into my ears right now? And will it match my lounge room cushions?

What worries you? Share please...