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Don't we have something more fun to do than go shopping?

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How much do you actually enjoy shopping? Personally, as much as I like the thrill of a bargain or finding just the right shoes, I really hate the crowds in shopping centres. And there’s always that nagging feeling that I’ve wasted a lot of time just to save 20 bucks...

In 21st century society, we’re all used to shopping: if we’re not self-sufficient for all our needs, we’re going to have to exchange money for goods and services at some point. But let’s keep it in perspective - shopping is something we have to do, yet there are way more fun things to do with our spare time than trekking around a shopping centre.

So I’ve put together a list of ideas of things you can do on a spring weekend instead of rushing through the sales or starting on your Christmas shopping.

  • Visit the zoo or a wildlife park to see baby animals, or native and endangered ones. Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it!
  • Spring is wildflower season, so it’s worth taking a look at any nature reserves near you to find out if they’ve got any events on. Or you can go bushwalking before the weather gets too hot for it.
  • It’s also whale watching season. Take a day trip to look at these amazing creatures, or go swimming with dolphins, or generally exploring the beaches.
  • Take a food or wine tour around a region close to you. You might find new sources of local food if you’re keeping up the local food challenge.
  • Spring cleaning! OK, this sounds less like fun than the other suggestions, I’ll admit. But once you’ve gotten rid of your extra junk and everything left is shiny and sparkly, you won’t feel the need to add more clutter to your home by buying new things.
  • Borrow a bunch of books from the library and read them in your backyard with a cup of tea (or something stronger if you’ve had a long week).
  • Have your friends around for a BBQ. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a come as you are, BYO sort of thing so you can all chat and catch up.
  • Get a massage, either at a fancy day spa or just at home with your partner.

I’m always on the lookout for good ideas, so please leave a comment with your suggestions for other fun stuff to do!