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Home, Garden and Planet

Rebecca Blackburn on the trials, and triumphs of being green around the home.

Organic food at bargain prices

Lemon tree

My lemon tree

Credit: Rebecca Blackburn

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I'm all inspired - my lemon tree has got its first flower buds!

I was given it last year for my birthday and ever since I've been impatiently waiting for this to happen. There is something very rewarding about growing your own food - it's cheap, tasty and best of all it can be organic.

So, what should you plant? I choose plants that grow easily and I like eating. I love this website www.gardenate.com because it tells you what to plant each month according to the climate zone you live in. It even tells you what plants are easy to grow which is great if you are a bit unfamiliar with the whole gardening escapade.

Of course I want my seeds to be organic - a good source of these are www.greenharvest.com.au or www.greenpatchseeds.com.au . Both companies can also post you seedlings. Growers markets are also a good source of organic seedlings.

What are you going to plant this spring?