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World Car-free day


Credit: iStockphoto

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You may not know it, but today is World Car-free Day.

Judging from the number of commuters who were lining up at bus stops this morning, people are getting in the spirit.

With spring here and summer just around the corner (with a few teasing days already here), there's no better time to consider cycling to work.

It might seem a lot of effort, but once you get started, you won't look back. And considering that it's just about the cheapest form of transport (aside from walking), you'll get plenty of exercise and saving the planet (not to mention wear and tear on your car), what's stopping you?

A bike and the associated gear (helmet, lights, a couple of tools etc) may cost anywhere from $400-$1,200, depending on how much of a gear head you are, but within six months to a year, you'll pay that off and start saving money compared to driving or even catching the bus.

You'll even get a buzz out of beating public transport to work. And, it's addictive - what better way to start the morning.

I started cycling to work almost a year ago now and on the odd occasion when I have to catch the bus, I gaze out of the window in envy of the cyclists I see riding by.

One downside is the limited number of bike dedicated by lanes. Is that what puts people off the most about cycling to work?

I was able to figure out an alternate route with mostly back streets, which keeps me away from the traffic. Map My Run is a great tool for this.

Lucky for me, Luna Media has showers and encouraging bosses, so I simply put my clothes into a backpack and change at work.

What's stopping you from cycling?