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5 benefits you'll get from volunteering

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When I was doing some volunteer work a while back, I met a woman who couldn’t understand why I made time for it when I was already very busy. I had to explain to her that it was a real pleasure to do it, and that I looked forward to my afternoons filling in a computer database for a charity.

A lot of people think of volunteering as a sacrifice of their time and energy for a cause, which makes it sound like a chore. But Australians wouldn’t be offering 701 million hours of their time every year if they weren’t getting something out of it too. Let’s take a look at the benefits for the people doing the volunteering:

  • Learning new skills: when you volunteer you might get given tasks that you’ve never done before. It’s always interesting to learn new things, and it looks great on a resume too.
  • Meeting new people: and not just any people, but ones who’ll have at least one interest in common with you.
  • Enjoying the improvements: if you’re doing work on something local to you, you’ll get to use the cleaner river or walk in the wetlands when they’re all fixed up.
  • New experiences: getting out and doing something interesting sure beats watching TV all weekend!
  • More happiness in your life: studies show that volunteers are generally happier than non-volunteers. It helps create a feeling of satisfaction and belonging that lasts long after the job is done.

Really, the question is “Why wouldn’t you volunteer your time for a cause?” In each blog post for this challenge, I’m going to point out someplace you can go that needs a helping hand, in case it’s something that will work for you.

Today’s volunteer opportunity:
Conservation Volunteers Australia - an Australia-wide group that’s been going since the 80s. Their projects include surveying animal numbers, seed collecting, planting and weeding.