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Your skills are in demand

People and computers

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A lot of the types of volunteering we’ve been looking at over the last month have been about giving your time and environmental knowledge to a cause. But did you know that non-profit groups would love to borrow your work skills too?

At a recent Green Drinks meetup, we heard from a computer expert who’d volunteered with Project Numbat. The guy in charge knew all about numbats, but wasn’t able to observe them without getting too close. The computer expert helped by setting up a remote-controlled camera with a motion sensor. The numbat expert was able to expand his research in a way he couldn’t have done without help from a guy who didn’t know much about wildlife but knew a lot about gadgets.

I used to think that by volunteering I’d have to just show up and do what I was told, or learn how to do what was needed. It didn’t occur to me that environmentalists are so busy figuring out what to do about endangered animals that they haven’t got time to learn how to do everything else. For example, I’m a web developer, which is a skill that takes a while to master, so I could help sort out someone’s website while they get on with the real work of saving the planet.

You might not think your skills are anything exciting, but I guarantee you there’s a very busy greenie out there who’d love your help setting up their accounts, or taking photos, or figuring out a database, or just managing the day to day chores of keeping a project going.

Why not make a list of your skills and see what you have to offer? Think about what you do in your job, or for your family and friends. Then see if any eco-groups near you need a hand with the things you do well.

Sunday 5th December is International Volunteer Day, a United Nations event to thank and support all the people around the world who give their time and effort to a good cause. Why not spend some time this Sunday looking around for a place to volunteer that suits you best?

Today’s volunteer opportunity
Australian Volunteers International connects people and organisations to help make a more peaceful and sustainable world. They’ve got long-term projects around the world, and they’re looking for all sorts of skills. Farmers, lawyers, health practitioners, IT consultants, teachers, tradies - you name it and they’ve got a job you can help with!