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Where can I get new eco-friendly clothes?

Woman looking at clothes for sale

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So where can we buy eco-friendly clothing in Australia? Many of the eco-fashionistas are running small businesses which can’t afford a lot of fancy advertising, which means you’ll need to hunt around to find them. They come in all price ranges, so don’t let your budget stop you from looking.

There’s a few different sources for finding what you need, and I think you’ll have better luck if you decide ahead of time what sort of look you’re after.

I love to look hip and stylish
If you want to keep up with trends while you save the world, then there are plenty of eco-designers for you to choose from. Some are expensive, but there are plenty of cool vintage threads available too. How Big Is Your Eco blog and Peppermint magazine are two Australian sources of news on eco-fashion. They let you know where to find the hippest organic, vintage, efficiently-produced fashion around. Etsy is also a good source for handmade clothes refashioned from older fabric and vintage stylings.

I like practical clothes in sensible styles
If you’re more interested in practicality than style, then you’ll find plenty of sources for eco-friendly clothes in the Green Directory. There’s also the Green Pages which is available at large bookstores and newsagents. From these you’ll be able to find places near you making casual outfits and office wear that have a low impact on the planet.

Everyone wears clothes!
No matter what your style, you will of course find interesting eco-fashion in the pages of G magazine! Plus you can keep your eyes peeled at the stores you go to now. I frequently find eco-friendly tees and underwear at chain stores, and have bought organic cotton boardshorts at surf shops. These are usually available for a short time only though, so if you see something you like and need you’ll have to decide quickly if you want to buy it.

And finally, you can buy clothes secondhand at op-shops. I know some people are a bit uncertain about this, but I’ve got years of practice so I’ll show you how it’s done in my next post.