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Green challenges

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Don't forget to make your laundry eco-friendly too

D-rack line dryer

My D-rack line dryer - I use it when it's not sunny enough to dry my clothes outside.

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I’ve had a bit of a bump in the road for my challenge - I ended up missing two days of wearing eco-friendly clothes because I didn’t get my laundry done in time. Which just goes to show that caring for the earth doesn’t magically make me a better, more organised person!

But our laundries are another place where we can help make our wardrobes more eco-friendly. While I wait for my laundry to dry, let’s look at what we can do:

  • Wash clothes in cold water unless they’re very dirty, e.g. covered in mud. Ordinary wear doesn’t need special treatment, and hot water is one of the biggest household energy-munchers.
  • Use your washing machine’s water-saving features, if it has any. If not, check how water-efficient it is by using the WELS star ratings that are now compulsory across Australia.
  • If you switch to a low-phosphate washing powder or liquid, you can use the final rinse water on your lawn or decorative plants. Check out my previous post on greywater to find out more on how to save water this way.
  • Skip the dryer and use the free sunshine when you can. I love the smell of line-dryed clothes. And you can stop fabric from getting crunchy the same way you do with a dryer - take it in when it’s 95% done instead of waiting for it to be bone dry.
  • If drying outside is an issue, consider a foldaway drying rack instead. I’ve got one that sits flat on the wall next to my laundry door and bends out into a d-shape when I need it.
  • Try no-iron ironing for another energy saver. Spray a tiny bit of water in a fine mist over the wrinkled item while it’s hanging up, then let it dry. I’ve tried this on cotton tops and it works really well!

If you’ve got any good tips for saving water or energy, or reducing waste in the laundry, I’d love to learn more. Please leave a comment with your tips!