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Eco-friendly clothing challenge wrap-up

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How did you go with your eco-friendly clothes challenge? I did pretty well, I think, but it wasn’t a perfect run. I had a few days where I ran out of clean eco-friendly items to wear, and made do with the un-environmental choices.

It just goes to show that making sustainable changes in your life requires a bit of planning and effort to begin with. I’m looking for more sources of eco-friendly clothes so that when I need to replace my current items I can do it in a way that helps the environment. Eventually I won’t even have to think about whether I’m doing the right thing, it will just happen no matter what I pick from my wardrobe.

If you’ve enjoyed this clothes challenge and are looking for ways to keep going, there are plenty of challenges out there. Some of these you might like are:

  • Six Items or Less - people limit their wardrobe to six main items (underwear and useful gear excepted) for a month. Shopaholics seem to find this challenge life-changing!
  • The Uniform Project - I’ve mentioned this before, I’m still fascinated by this lady’s decision to wear just the one type of dress for a year. She’s on to a new challenge now, and getting more people to join in.
  • Wardrobe ReFashion - a pledge to only buy secondhand or handmade (or make your own) clothes for a set number of months. The blog section is closed now after running for 6 years, but many crafty types are still doing the challenge by themselves, having been inspired by the adventurous people before them.

Or you can design a challenge that suits your unique circumstances. Clothes are a necessity in our lives, so let’s do what we can to make them as green as possible.