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Oops, I got un-married.


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Harbouring guilt about my planet-murdering ways just got that little bit worse. Apparently my divorce is bad for the environment!

Yes folks, I read it here while I was doing a little research on how to deal with divorce.

Heck, you can't even have a personal tragedy these days without a heap of green guilt being dumped on you.

While getting un-married has been liberating in many ways - sheesh, it feels exciting to be Alex Brooks again after years of being Alex May - it's also nothing short of harrowing. Like, who is supposed to take the recycling bin out now there is no husband in the house?

While I still occasionally get caught up in vicious revenge plans -- I quite like this one, this and maybe this -- I also get the odd dose of the sensibles and have come to love the new household order (me, two kids and a nice new man I met while writing this story).

But this did get me wondering what do other people feel planet guilt for? What causes everyone else's green guilt to sing loud and clear? There are some ideas here, but share yours.