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How to find $200 worth of free stuff


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I'm feeling smug today - this week I found $200 worth of stuff!

On Wednesday on my cycle to work I saw a guy dumping stuff on the footpath. I asked him if he was giving the stuff away? Yes he says. With glee I start rummaging.

I find a brand new backpack worth about $50 is exactly what I needed. My husband wanted a new beach bag and this was perfect - it was big enough to fit his flippers and had a working zip pocket for storing keys and wallet.

The next morning I found a wooden blind propped up against a garbage bin outside my apartment block. I rushed back inside to measure my window - yes they fitted perfectly! The blind was in excellent condition - a bargain considering a new blind from Freedom would cost about $150. Only problem was there were no brackets.

So I put up a notice on the front door of my apartment block to see if I could find the owner. That evening my neighbour left a note - they had been her blinds and she was happy to give me the brackets.

What surprised me was I never expected to find these things second hand. I had already reconciled myself to buying them new because I was sure that I would never find a second hand blind that fitted my window, and I imagined no one would throw out a backpack in good condition. Isn't it surprising what people throw out?