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The Business of Green

Money matters in the green world, by Leon Gettler.

Climate change and skills shortages

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The Minister for innovation, industry, science and research, Kim Carr, has allocated $75 million to help businesses tackle climate change. The money will go towards doing things like creating co-generation plants that would turn waste into electricity and capturing storm water.

This is important stuff but does it actually address a more pressing issue?

Does business actually have the capability to deal with the biggest crisis now facing civilisation? Talk to some business people and they will tell you that environmentalists don't have the necessary business skills. It's a point taken up by North American environmental consultant Dr Tim Ball here.

But Dr Ball is missing the point. There's an even bigger problem.

Businesses simply don't have skills inside to tackle the problem. Try, for example, finding a mechanic who can convert your car to LPG. You really have to look around.

Do we have the financial professionals with the skills to deal with climate change? The legal experts? What about in areas like planning, design, and project management.

It's a subject I have written about here.

When it comes to global warming, out skills shortages will be one of the biggest stumbling blocks. We know what the problem is, we just don’t have enough expertise to deal with it.

So how do we deal with the issue? What should businesses and governments do about it?