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Manly cosmetics

Credit: Scott Feldstein via Flickr.com, Creative Commons

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My last few posts have been on the girly side: makeup and body scrubs and essential oils. That doesn’t mean you fellas are off the hook though - I know you’re using a few bathroom products too!

The guys I know tend to stick to soap and water, deodorant, a bit of shampoo and shaving cream, and maybe a moisturiser if they’re working in dry conditions. These are just as likely to be full of petroleum-based products as the stuff the ladies use. Perhaps even more so, since the petroleum-based ingredients are cheaper and guys are generally less tolerant of spending heaps of money on skin care.

On the up-side, fewer products means you’ll have an easier time trying to find substitutes for them all, so you’ve got no excuse. Home-made soaps are available at most markets, and as long as you check they’ve got no palm oil in them, you’re good to go. There are several brands of eco-friendly body and skin care products for men, and they smell pretty good to me - sandalwood and spices rather than fruit or florals.

I just had a look at the ingredients list on the Body Shop shaving cream my husband uses. Firstly, thumbs down to having to peel back a sticker to see the ingredients: this really discourages people from checking before they buy. Secondly, thumbs up for the lack of petroleum-based ingredients in there. This one is a Fair Trade version, and uses coconut and Brazil nut oils instead.

There are fewer DIY recipes out there for men though. And yet I’m not sure why - surely men had to shave and keep clean in the days before commercial soaps were cheap enough for everyone to afford. If anyone knows of some old-fashioned methods, let us know in the comments.