Walk to Work Day


Credit: iStockphoto

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Friday is Walk to Work Day. Organised by the Pedestrian Council and supported by the Heart Foundation, the day is about getting out of our cars and getting our legs moving.

The council hopes to raise awareness of the environmental and health benefits of walking.

And with Australians being among the worst in the world for single-driver trips (according to the Greendex), imagine how much clearer the roads would be if even some of us walked!

In Sydney during the World Youth Day event when main commuter routes were restricted, it showed just how easy it was to free up some traffic congestion.

The main reason it worked was that people were forced to change - no more excuses not to put in a bit of extra effort to look up a bus timetable.

The hardest thing about starting any new activity is getting the motivation and the routine. That's why days like Walk to Work Day are great - they give us that extra push to do something we've been meaning to do for a while.

Given that walking saves us fuel costs, carbon emissions and some extra weight, then there's no better time to start your walking commute if you live close to work.