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Green challenges

Thinking global and acting local, Julie Grundy takes on any challenge we throw at her.

New challenge: go vegetarian!


Credit: Julie G

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My next challenge: eating vegetarian! I'm keen to give this a go, because I think it has the potential to really help the environment.

Over 15 per cent of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions for 2006 came from the agricultural sector, and most of that comes from keeping livestock.

First we clear land for the cows and sheep, then clear more land to grow crops to feed them. As well as the water they drink, we need water for their feed crops. Don't even get me started on the process of turning them from live animals into meat packaged on plastic-wrapped styrofoam and trucked to supermarkets all over the country!

All up, it's a huge impact, and if we can reduce it, that'd be fantastic.

I'm not going to go fully-vegetarian for the whole month, and you don't have to either if you think it'll be too hard. But don't let that be an excuse not to do the challenge at all! Here's some alternative things you can try:

  • Meat-free Mondays (or Thursdays, or Sundays, any day you like)
  • meat-free lunches (or dinners, if that suits you better)
  • cut out all red meat, since it has the most impact

I'm going to ease my way in...

For the first week, I'll be meat-free on Monday and Thursday.

Second week, I'm going to have meat-free lunches all week. The third week, I'll cut out all red meat, and finally I'll go completely vegetarian for the last week.

I'll leave you with an easy recipe for your first meatless meal: Jamie Oliver's Baked Mushrooms

Make sure you get those giant field mushrooms for this. We do something similar, but with less cheese and a bit of fresh chilli! We serve it with steamed, buttered button squash, green beans, and smashed potatoes. You can see how good it looks in the photo!