Apple's new eco Mac

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The Apple MacBook has gone green.

Apple likes to make big announcements and the latest one is no exception.

The new MacBook has had an engineering overhaul and the result is the typical model with zero PVC, arsenic, mercury or brominated flame retardants.

New iPods and iPhones will be made with the same mercury-free backlights, arsenic-free glass and PVC-free cables.

But the real marvel is the body, which is made from a single piece of aluminium. This means many small parts are not wasted in putting the machine together.

Aluminium is also highly recyclable, but still takes a lot of energy to reform into its pristine production condition. The company has not said how much of the aluminium leftover from making the computer (about 4/5 of the original) will be recycled by them.

Apple has also done away with 37 per cent of the usual packaging. And other little tricks, such as the backlight dimming when the ambient light goes down, means less energy is wasted.

The company has also switched to a LED display instead of LCD, which they say uses 30 per cent less power.

The laptop has now gained the US Energy Star rating and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool(EPEAT) rating.