Green words, by Emma

How to lead a greener lifestyle, with Emma Bowen, our previous editor.

Baby steps


An example of a week’s content of Emma's Food Connect box – delicious!


Our Editor Emma and Bob Brown at our Green Lifestyle Awards. For the complete wrap up on the Awards, including a few words by Bob Brown, head to page 94 of the new December/January issue.

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The process may be slow, but the word and awareness is spreading, that now – more than ever before – we need to be a hell of a lot more aware of what we’re eating. The issues circling everything we put into our mouths seem fairly endless: water shortages, GM crops, animal welfare, arable farming land shortages, pesticide use, supermarket duopolies, food wastage, fast food and obesity, factory farming, agriculture carbon emissions, urban and rural disconnect, the list goes on… It can be enough to put you off your dinner.

They’re big national and world issues, but the simple solution for all of us watching at home? Each of these issues can be addressed purely by simplifying your own approach to food. By growing what you can, buying local (and organic when you can), trying to avoid packaged foods, eating less meat, and just taking things slow. In short, being more conscious of what you’re eating and where it came from. For more thought on this, see the opinions and advice from our foodie profiles in the new December/January issue.

It can take a little bit of practice to get yourself off the convenience train of big supermarkets, takeaway meals and packaged food, but little steps make all the difference. Here’s a hot tip: one thing that has worked best for me was signing up to a box scheme (mine’s from Food Connect,, and I can’t rave about them enough). Getting fresh chemical-free vegies delivered to my door each week seems to help me buy way less packaged food, minimise waste, and as an added bonus I’ve been getting more creative in the kitchen, finding ways to cook ingredients I might not normally buy. I can’t wait to have a go at Simon Bryant’s amazing salads featured in this issue.

The next little step I’ll be taking is to spend more time eating at the dinner table (as we’ve suggested in 'The simple things') to become a little more mindful of what I’m eating, and I’ll be trying for as many meals a day as possible. Something else I’ll be doing over Christmas is to give a lot of handmade gifts (see our special feature in this issue), from homegrown vegie plants to foods such as preserves and truffles.

We’d love you to join us this issue in taking little steps in your food approach. Keep in touch with us by emailing – we’d love to hear what your little steps are!