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Do your health a favour: go veg!

Healthy woman with fresh fruit and vegetables

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A lot of vegetarians get the same question: "How do you get enough protein and iron?". People worry that their vegetarian friends will be missing out on important nutrients if they don't eat meat.

But the truth is that a broad and varied vegetarian diet (that is, more than just chips and chocolate!) that includes beans, nuts, grains, seeds, fruit and vegetables is much healthier for you. Vegetarians are less likely to:

  • be overweight
  • have heart disease
  • develop Type II diabetes
  • develop some types of cancer

You can see more of the health benefits at the National Vegetarian Week website.

You can only eat so much food in one day - the more meat you eat, the less likely you are to find room for a variety of fresh fruit and veg. You'll therefore be eating less saturated fat, with more vitamins and minerals. So by doing this G Challenge, you're doing your health a favour with very little effort.

My next vegetarian dinner for my meat-free Thursday (tomorrow) is going to be a vegetable korma, based on a recipe from Taste.com.au. I'm going to add a tin of lentils to mine, to get some legumes in there along with the almonds, vegies and rice. Taste.com.au has a huge range of vegetarian meals you can try - I find it a really handy website because you can just search for whatever ingredients you have on hand. Give it a go and see what you can come up with!