National Recycling Week


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This week is National Recycling Week.

Founded by Planet Ark in 1996, the initiative reminds us not only how to recycle correctly, but also how well we're doing at recycling.

It turns out that Australian's are good at some recycling, like newspapers (about 75 per cent are recycled), but not so good when it comes ot other forms of waste.

Typically, Australians toss out 2.25 kilograms of waste per person per day.

Here are some other Planet Ark tips:

  • Cork can be and should be recycled. As it's natural and renewable material, it shouldn't be thrown away. Currently, only five per cent of corks is recycled in Australia. If you're looking for a place to give your cork stoppers, try your local bottle shop,or the girl guides (via Qantas and the Body Shop).
  • While newspaper recycling in Australia is great, office paper recycling is, well, pathetic. With about 35 per cent of logged trees going to paper, making sure we recycle it could have a big effect. For every 100 reams of paper that's printed double sided, two trees could be saved.
  • As for Aluminium, Aussies recycle almost two out of every three cans, though this figure is likely propped up by the excellent record of South Australia, which has a container deposit system. Each can recycled is equivalent to turning the TV off for three hours.
  • Oven-proof glass and drinking glass CANNOT be recycled. In fact, just 25 grams of this glass can contaminate a whole load.
  • Typically, boxes and containers with greasy food stains or remnants cannot be recycled. So leave your pizza boxes out of the recycling unless they're just about spotless.

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Here's some tips for recycling: