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Teach yourself new food tricks

Fresh spring pasta

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One of the best parts of this vegetarian challenge has been looking for inspiration. I've been branching out and trying lots of new recipes.

The article "How to become a vegetarian, the easy way", says finding good recipes can make the change much easier for you. So I've been looking for new, easy recipes I can memorise. So far I've found:


Recipe books:

  • Peter Berley's Fresh Food Fast - lots of tasty soups, salads and bakes here, with explanations of what some of the weirder grains and tofu-like foods are, and how to deal with them.
  • Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion - it's like an encyclopedia of every food you could think of. No matter what you come home from the shops with, she'll have half a dozen recipes for it. This book showed me what to do with the fennel I bought on a whim because it looked cute sitting on the shelf.

Of course, there's always the slack option: a pack of corn chips, a jar of salsa, a tin of beans, and a whole lotta cheese make nachos, and most of these can be picked up from your local deli!

If you're an experienced vegetarian, what books or website do you use for recipes? Or do you have a favourite recipe you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments...