Be mesmerised...

Earth Clock

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Have you seen the Earth Clock?

Terrifying, isn't it?

Before your very eyes you can watch the clock tick over signalling the arrival of another human being on the planet. And it ticks over at such an alarming rate. More than one new person is born every second.

Each new person, of course, is not just a number on a screen, but a person who will want a roof over their head and food in their belly. Each new person adds to the pressure that we put on our planet to provide us with the resources we need to live.

They'll probably want a car, and will use plastic things. Look at the barrels of oil that are being pumped. It leaps up at around 1,000 barrels a second. A barrel of oil is 159 L. So that's over 159,000 L of oil used every second. It's any wonder experts say we are going to run out soon.

And look the garbage they will produce. If the person born in the last half a second is born in America, they will be contributing to the scrolling number that adds around 10 tons of garbage to an ever-growing pile every day.

There is some recycling happening there too. But look at the rate the recycling statistic ticks over. It's nothing like the garbage number is it?

When you look at the forest statistics there's only more cause for alarm. The desert marches on at a rate of about 12 hectares per minute, and while some forest is being replanted, more is being lost.

As for the species that go extinct as you watch, well, they are never coming back. No amount of replanting can ever save a species once it is gone.

Of course, this human and the hundreds of others who have joined them since you’ve been reading this, is not just a locust. Humans are not just hungry, oil-using, forest destroying creatures. We have hopes and thoughts and frailties.

Look at the number of people who not getting the right foods to eat. And the number of people who just caught HIV, or just found out they have cancer.

Each of our stories is important. Imagine if it was you who just found out you have cancer, or HIV.

As you watch those mesmerising numbers, remember that so many of the oil-using, nuclear waste producing number come from the developed world. And so many of the malnourished numbers comes from the developing world.

Our planet is a large and bountiful place, but its bounty is enjoyed by so few to the detriment of so many.

The question to ask yourself as you watch yet another human arrive or meet their end is whether your action are some of the good numbers on this clock or some of the terrifying ones.