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An international court for the environment?

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Credit: Wikimedia

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I have always argued that global warming will become a nightmare liability issue for businesses and that we can expect more litigation against companies accused of destroying the environment.

As I argue in my piece here, climate change will become as big an issue in court rooms as the tobacco and fast food lawsuits.

Now we have a report that a deputy High Court judge in Britain, Stephen Hockman QC, is pushing for a world environment court which would enforce international agreements and also fine countries or companies that fail to protect endangered species or degrade the natural environment.

One of the big questions is who would actually be on this court. Hockman is proposing to fill it with retired judges, climate change experts and public figures.

But where would they come from? And who would select them?

Still, it's a fascinating concept, and one that's likely to gain currency.

Do we need a world environment court?