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A favour and pledge foiled

Latte art

Credit: Wikimedia/Mortefot

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I have a confession to make: I used a takeaway coffee cup this week. I had an important deadline at work keeping me super-busy, so my boss very kindly bought me a latte from the shop on the corner. I happily drank it up and didn't give the cup a second thought until I had to throw it in the bin. Then I realised I'd slipped on my challenge :(

But I'm determined to keep going, and keep my record clean for the rest of the month. It just goes to show that creating a new habit can take a little while, because you have to get used to dealing with a variety of situations that might be changed by your new choices. I've heard that it takes at least 3 weeks to form a new habit, so we have to keep trying for at least that long, if not longer. It's not just the day-to-day situations, because you can plan ahead for those. It's those one-off little occasions which make it a bit more difficult.

I've now told the people I work with that I'm doing the challenge, so if anyone wants to surprise me or do me a favour, they'll know ahead of time that I'm trying to avoid the disposable cups.

How are you all going? If you've slipped and used a takeaway coffee cup, don't let that stop you from completing the challenge for the rest of the month!