Winners: Caim & Able Body Indulgence Pack

Caim & Able Body Scrub

Winners: Caim & Able Body Indulgence Pack

Thanks to everyone who entered. The winners are: J. Tan of Mildura, D Ramsay of Westleigh and K Brehaut of Tentill. Caim & Able will be sending your body indulgence packs out this week.

Caim & Able's body scrubs and bath salts are truly sublime. In fact, they smell so good you won't know whether to lather them on your body or sprinkle them on your ice-cream!

Coffee & Clementine Bath Salts & Body Scrub: A divine blend of freshly ground coffee, a pop of mandarin citrus and Dead Sea salts.

Rosemary & Lavender Bath Salts & Body Scrub: An an earthy, timeless blend of rosemary and lavender with therapeutic Dead Sea salts.

Coconut & Lime Bath Salts & Body Scrub: a sultry blend of coconut, citrus and therapeutic Dead Sea salts.

Caim & Able

Caim & Able products are 100% organic* and cruelty-free and do not contain parabens. Every product has been packaged by a charity enterprise providing employment, financial independence, increased confidence and a sense of contribution from a community of people in need. Caim & Able donates 25% of profits to community projects that help fund emergency refuges for girls, women, mothers and their children who find themselves homeless in Australia.

*not certified but pending.